Sinan Bakir - Guitar Lessons
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Authentic guitar lessons in jazz, rock, blues, funk and popular guitar styles for all ages from beginners to intermediate and advanced students. Lessons are specifically designed for the individual student and taught by Sinan himself in his studio in west end Hartford, West Hartford and surrounding area.

For more info on how you can sign up for guitar lessons in person or via Skype please contact
Sinan's Personal Statement
As much as I enjoy being a performer I enjoy teaching guitar and guiding students on learning to play this great musical instrument. It goes all the way back to my teen years, when I started sharing what I was learning at that time from my teachers with my close friends and soon after during my college years I started teaching professionally.

Learning the guitar and music in general is a lifelong journey and whether it is learning to strum chords to a popular tune or mastering the advanced techniques required to play a complex piece of music, I am enthusiastic and comfortable teaching and helping my students to achieve their personal goals. I address important things like having a good posture, proper picking technique, how to produce a good tone and developing a good rhythm, as well as correcting common mistakes a student might have developed over time. I think regardless of the style of music being played it is essential to have a good knowledge of the guitar fretboard and to achieve that one must learn where all the notes are. I also like to incorporate the music theory in practical musical situations such as improvising and composing, which will help the student internalize the musical tools being presented. Another important area in musicianship is being able to play what you are hearing and hearing what you are playing, and this can be achieved with the right way of practicing it. Looking forward to hear from you regarding guitar lessons. SB

Sinan is an excellent teacher of guitar. He is patient, sets an atmosphere conducive to learning, and creatively adapts to students idiosyncrasies.
W. A. Borden M.D.
Sinan has always provided exceptional Jazz training. When I first found Sinan, I sent him an email asking what he would teach - he answered with everything I would expect a professional Jazz teacher - improv, chord/scale relationships, reading, etc - I knew I wanted to learn from him right away. Sinan was always more than willing to teach at whatever schedule was best for me, and always whatever I wanted to learn. When I learned how much of a Jazz protege he is, I felt lucky to have him as a teacher. Anybody who wants to learn jazz - this is your guy!
D. Popovic